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A project of cotton oil production line 3.5-4ton per day

VIE oil press machine is suited to make oil by squeeze way, mainly is for vegetable seeds. Many vegetable oils are consumed directly, or indirectly as ingredients in food. Such oils include the major cooking oils-soybean, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, peanut, cottonseed, coconut, palm oil, and so on.

Cotton Oil

The process is:

Seed→cook seed(Roaster)→Make oil(Oil presser)→Filtation(Filter)→Refine(Refinery machine)→Filling to bottle(Filling machine)

Cotton Oil Production Line

The main machine included

NO.ItemQty Dimension
(L*W*H mm)
1VSR-150F Seed roaster (Coal,fire)11700*1000*11003.5-4T/24h
2VIE95 Screw Oil Presser11640*640*12003.5-4T/24h
3VRT-A Air-pressure Oil Filter1630*630*8502.4-2.8T/24h
4VOR-C Oil refinery machine14250*900*16201.6T/24h
5VOF-500 Oil Filling machine1900*290*78010-25time/min
6VCV Conveyor212ton/24h

Machine Description

  •  VSR-150E Roaster(for fire)  is for cook the seed, it can improve oil yield.

※Operate time:60kg per 20mins. Please keep the roaster temperature around 150°.

※Spare part:No

  •  VIE95 Screw Oil Presser  is used for make oil by squeeze.

※Before the press need to dry the seed, keep seed water content around 2% . This can control by roaster, if production line don’t have roaster, can dry in the sun.

※Keep the press cage temperature around 90℃,then put into the seed.In the beginning 3-5mins of press, please put slower, when the oil come out then back to normal.

※Spare part:①Pressing worm, ②pressing ring, ③pressing bar. Need change every 500 Tons.

  •  VRT-A Air-pressure Oil Filter  is for refined oil.

※ When crude oil after filter without mixture is fine.

※Spare part:Filter clothes.Need change every 6 months.

  •  VOR-C Oil refinery machine  is for refine the oil.

※Spare part:No

  •  VOF Oil Filling machine  is for filling the oil into bottles.

※Spare part:No

  •  VCV Conveyor  Transfer the soybean from roaster to oil press machine.

※Spare part:No

Production Line

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