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VCD Paper Creasing Die Cutting Machine

Suit for ordinary cardboard,corrugated board,plastic and leather. It is widely used in the printing, packing decoration, and plastic industries. The machine has features such as compact structure, fine workmanship, big pressure, high precision, and easy and reliable operation, etc.

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm







380V 50Hz

Detail about VCD Paper Creasing Die Cutting Machine

Model Inner Chase Size Speed Max.Rule Length Motor Power Machine Weight Overall Dimensions
VCD-401C 750×520mm 25 <15m 2.2kw 2000kg 2300×1500×1500mm
VCD-203C 930×670mm 23±3 <25m 4kw 3000kg 2350×1900×1800mm
VCD-203A 930×670mm 23±3 <30m 5.5kw 3500kg 2350×1900×1800mm
VCD-1100 1100×800mm 20±2 <30m 5.5kw 4500kg 2450×2100×1900mm
VCD-1200 1200×820mm 20±2 <32m 5.5kw 5000kg 2500×2100×1900mm
VCD-1300 1300×920mm 15±2 <40m 7.5kw 6000kg 2550×2100×1950mm
VCD-1400 1400×1000mm 15±2 <45m 7.5kw 6500kg 2650×2100×2000mm
VCD-1500 1500×1050mm 14±2 <45m 7.5kw 7000kg 2700×2100×2150mm
VCD-1500A 1500×1150mm 14±2 <45m 7.5kw 7300kg 2700×2100×2200mm
VCD-1600 1600×1250mm 13±2 <50m 11kw 11500kg 2800×2250×2300mm
VCD-1800 1800×1280mm 13±2 <60m 15kw 13000kg 3000×2250×2350mm
VCD-1800A 1800×1400mm 13±2 <60m 15kw 14000kg 3000×2300×2500mm
VCD-2000 2000×1400mm 12±2 <65m 15kw 15500kg 3100×2330×2600mm
VCD-2200 2200×1400mm 12±2 <68m 18kw 16500kg 3300×2330×2800mm
VCD-2500 2500×1400mm 12±2 <70m 18kw 18500kg 3600×2330×3100mm

1.High strength due to one piece casting by using top quality materials for the machine body.
2.Singie plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive subreliabie.
3.Operational altitude is reasonably arranged, Moving-bed opens to its optimum.
4.Electical system is designed in conformity with IEC standards.
5.Single, continuous operation, and opening dwell. The dwell range is adjustable.


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