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VWI Web viewer inspection system

The web monitoring systems provide a “Real Time” inspection, help you get good control of the printing quality when the machine is moving. The main aim to reduce wastes, maximize productivity and improve printing quality.

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm
Camera move speed


Max. Shoot speed


Max running speed of printer


Image view




Detail about VWI Web viewer inspection system

Camera move speed 52mm/sec
Max. Shoot speed 10pics/sec
Max running speed 400m/sec
Image view 90mm*67.5mm
Cosmos sensor 2M pixels
Max optical zoom 30X
Voltage: 110V-240V,50-60HZ
Temperature: 0-40℃(32-104℉)
Humidity: 20%-80%,Precipitate free
Net weight: 9KG(camera 3KG,controller 6KG)
Size: Camera(110*238*290MM);


Middle of traverse hole to bottom of camera: 200MM
Bottom of camera to web: Best range: 8-12MM

Workable range: 5-15MM


-Line motor-move traverse

-Line-control remote keyboard

-Cable bending with 2M times

-RGB/CMYK value detect(option)

-Image Rotate

-Image Patrol Shooting

-Image Split and Freeze

-Image Sharpen with Gamma

-Image Roll and Slow Shot

-Printing Speed & length measure

-Optical multiple & zoom Saving


-Image roll and slow shot:

Image roll can help to check each image when several small images in one printing cylinder.Slow shot can shot once by each 1 picture to 9 pictures with parameter to strobe life-saving.


-Image patrol shooting:

Provides patrol shotting function which can shoot image while camera loops moving on traverse automatically to detect print quality easily.Traverse length up to 3 meters maximum.


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