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VFB-ABA Film blowing machine

Blowing high and low-pressure polyethylene film (LDPE, HDPE), the product is widely used in the composite film, packaging bags, agricultural covering film, textiles, clothing bags, and another packaging. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed control, which increases the stability of the host and can save With electricity, the traction frame adopts a lifting type, which can achieve the best film cooling effect.

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 3900 × 820 × 1550 cm
Suitable Material


Screw Material

Sacm-645/38 Crmoalae

Main Unit

Extruder, Die head, Take-up Unit, Winding Unit


3 phases 380V, 50hz


Detail about VFB-ABA Film blowing machine

ABA blown film machine: use 2 blown film machines and a three-layer co-extrusion die to blow plastic film, where the surface layer and the bottom layer share an extruder, we call it A, and the other extruder extrudes It is the middle layer of the film, we call it B, so the blown film forms a three-layer co-extruded film of A, B, and A

Model VB50-ABA VB55-ABA VB65-ABA
Suitable Material HDPE LDPE LLDPE
Film Width(mm) 400-800 500-1000 600-1200
Film Thickness(mm) 0.03-0.20 0.03-0.20 0.03-0.20
Max.Extrusion Output(kg/h) HDPE:80KG/HR HDPE:100KG/HR HDPE:120KG/HR
Screw Diameter Φ50*2 φ55*2 Φ55*1,Φ65*1
Screw L/D Length 28:1/30:1 28:1/30:1 28:1/30:1
Screw Material Sacm-645/38 crmoala
Cylinder Material Sacm-645/38 crmoala
Barrel cooling 370W*1 370W*2 370W*2
monitor rate 15kw*2 18.5kw*2 22kw,18.5KW*1
Gearbox 146*2 173*2 173*1,180*1
Barrel temperature control 3 3 3
Average power consumption 30kw 35kw 40kw
Die head
Die Size LDPE:180 HDPE:80 LDPE:220 HDPE:100 LDPE:250 HDPE:120
Temperature Control 3 3 3
Air Ring 2 2 2
Air Blower 3kw*1 4kw*1 5.5kw*1
Center stabilizer 2 2 2
Take-up Unit
Roller Width(mm) 900mm 1100mm 1300mm
Take-up Speed 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Take-up Motor 800mm 800mm 800mm
Drawing speed 10-65m/min 10-65m/min 10-65m/min
Lead motor power 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Winding Unit
Surface friction Surface friction type
Coiling power 6N.m 10N.m 10N.m
Take-up speed 10-65m/min 10-65m/min 10-65m/min
Drawing speed 380V,50HZ,3PHASE
Lead motor power 4.8×3.2×5.5 5.0×3.5×6.0 5.0×3.7×7.5
We have the following type of film blowing machine From 50-800KG/hours capacity, with HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, pp, etc:

1.2-5 layer film blowing machine
2.ABA film blowing machine
3.normaly film blowing machine
4.double color film blowing machine
5.mini film blowing machine…


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