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VSS Spoon straw making machine

Is a special machine for making spoon-drinking straws. The straight straws supplied in the hopper at the top of the machine pass through 12 sets of conveyor and 1 set of cutting unit and 12 sets of heating die, delivered to the output conveyor automatically.

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 3900 × 820 × 1550 cm
Maximum speed


The length of the straw

190-310mm adjustable

The number of transfer shafts

12 groups


3 phases 380V, 50hz

Machine size


Detail about VSS Spoon straw making machine

The whole equipment is fully automatic from input to output, and only straight straw materials need to be added manually.  The polypropylene straight straw is added from the upper part of the molding machine, then clamped and sent by two groups of machine hands to the main rotary table of the equipment. The main rotary table will rotate to make the straw pass the impact-cut device and spoon-scalding device. Then, the straw will be conveyed by a machine hand and the finished product will be sent out automatically.  Usually, the main rotary table can continuously operate by carrying 12 drinking straws. The machine has high production speed.

Product speed 200pcs/min
Used power 2kwh/h(380v60hz)
Straw type dia,6mm or 7mm
Length according to needs
Machine size 1200m*1000m*1700mm
Machine weight 600kg

High production efficiency.
Having the function of quantity counting.
Automatic counting, batch alarm (product quantity pre-set), convenient for putting the products into bag manually.
Having the function of automatic stop when there is a failure.



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