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VBC Hardcover Book Casemaking Machine(Book Cover Machine)

Cloth Materials: Coated paper, Specialty paper, Cloth, PU, Leather
Board Materials: Plastic board, Density wood, Industrial paperboard, Wood board
Various Shaped Cases: Round, triangle, trapezium, art shape, S shape, etc.

Weight 4000 kg
Dimensions 460 × 300 × 180 cm

Max. 38-40pcs/min

Board Thickness


Cloth Thickness


Heater Power Supply


Total Power Supply


Detail about VBC Hardcover Book Casemaking Machine(Book Cover Machine)

It’s mainly applied in book-shaped packaging for mobile phones, electronics, appliances, cosmetics, disc, foodstuff, clothing, shoes, cigarettes, and liquor, etc., also hardcover book and periodical, file folder, calendar back, photo album, certificate cover, etc.


Items Specification
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 4600mm*3000mm*1800mm
Net Weight 4000kg
Heater Power Supply 2*4.5kw
Power Supply 18kw (include heater power supply)
Voltage 380v/50hz/1phase
Mechanism Speed Max. 38-40pcs/min
Positioning Precision If speed< 35pcs/min, precision is ±0.3mm, otherwise ±0.5mm
Case Size(L*W) Min. 200*100mm Max. 800*450mm
Cloth Size(L*W) Min. 230*130mm Max. 830*480mm
Cloth Thickness 120-300gram/m²
Board Thickness 1-4mm
Center Board Width Min. 7mm
Soft Spine Width 15-70mm
Gutter Width 2-15mm
Folded Edge Width 12-20mm
Boards Amount 1-6pcs


1, It has a motion controller and lots of servo motors, so lots of adjustment can be completed automatically.2, Memorable mode: The used parameters can be stored and reused conveniently.
3, The whole mechanism is designed with a humanized concept to ensure the operation as easy as possible, even a screw assemble must be reasonable, more machine jobs but less manual operations.
4, High-speed:
–The mechanism is scientifically designed in a compact construction, simple operation, and stable running.
–Non-stop operation: in usual, the mechanism must stop running to stack cloth with 10-15 mins each hour, but our mechanism adopts non-stop bottom-feeding, considering as 8-hours worktime, extra 4000 sheets are produced each day, workers also save extra time for more available jobs.
–As 360 degrees rotating four-position mechanism, it effectively improves working speed. Because it divides the whole process into four positions, each position complete one process, each process runs synchronously. (invention patent)
5, Friendly UI design, visualized icons, and convenient operation, workers can easily learn to use. (appearance patent)


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