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VCP Semi-auto corrugated carton Printing Slotting Machine

Use water-soluble environmentally friendly glue, BOPP film as the material, dual-use window coating, and full-width coating.

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm


Maximum paper feed size


Minimum paper feed size


Maximum printing area


Detail about VCP Semi-auto corrugated carton Printing Slotting Machine

Model number VCP-1420
Printing color Three colors
Width of door width 2800mm【Wall door width】
Maximum mechanical speed (sheets/min) 180
Wall thickness (mm) 50
Gear thickness (mm) 50
Maximum paper feed size (mm) 2500 X 1420
Minimum paper feed size (mm) 350 X 650
Interval paper feeding (mm) 1600 X 1420
Maximum printing area (mm) 2500 X 1420
Standard printing plate thickness (mm) 3.2—7.2
Adapt to cardboard thickness (mm) 3—12
Paperboard processing accuracy (mm) Printing color accuracy ±0.5/color

Die cutting edge accuracy ±1.5

Power during production (km) 30
Total power (km) 35

The equipment adopts front edge adsorption and paper feeding, the host and fan frequency converter control the start and stop, the high-power dust removal fan cleans the surface of the cardboard, the main touch screen and the side touch screen use the PLC programming system to control the various parts of the industrial control, and realize the human-machine interface to control the operation of each part and operate the machine The printing accuracy of this machine can be operated regardless of the paper feeding surface, operation surface and paper output surface. The front of the main machine is equipped with paper output monitoring equipment, and the situation of the paper output department is observed at any time when starting and stopping to ensure the safety of the personnel who start and adjust the machine. All parts are separated and combined electrically, pneumatic locking, pneumatic lifting, automatic ink distribution, and ink shortage alarm system to ensure the normal operation of the whole machine, fine printing patterns and accurate color registration. All transmission shafts of the whole machine are treated with dynamic and static balance, and the gears are processed by special technology, all are carburized and ground, the overall hardness is HRC52-58, and the accuracy is level 6. All gear lubrication adopts spray-type circulating lubrication, equipped with circulating oil display window, to observe the oiling situation at any time. The gear and drive shaft are connected by a keyless coupling ring, which is firm and reliable. The machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, convenient use and maintenance, accurate color registration, exquisite printing patterns, and high production efficiency.


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