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VLB Paper Lunch Box Making Machine

Paper Lunch Box Making Machine is used to form and glue the unfold paper, make it into a Three-dimensional box.

Suit for hamburger boxes, French fries box, food tray, lunch box, Chinese noodle box, hot dog box, etc.

Weight 2000 kg
Dimensions 3480 × 1320 × 1500 cm
Paper weight

200-600 g/m², card paper,PE coated paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper

Paper thickness

Max 1.5mm(could custom)

Bonding/Gluing device

Water-based adhesive

Electrical requirement


Detail about VLB Paper Lunch Box Making Machine

VLB Paper Food Box Making adopts a micro-computer, PLC, alternating current frequency converter, the vacuum-sucking paper feeding, auto gluing, automatic paper tape counting, and chain drive. All of these main parts and electric control system adopts imported brand to guarantee steady working, precise positioning, smooth running, safety, and reliable operation. It can make more than 10 types of boxes.

Model VLB-800 VLB-1200
Production speed 60-160pcs/min 80-300pcs/min
Box standard size 50*50–320*320mm 50*50–400*400mm
Paper Box size Length : 100-450mm , Angle : 10-40°

Width : 100-550mm ,

Box Height : 15-200mm

Length : 100-450mm , Angle : 10-40°

Width : 100-400mm ,

Box Height : 15-200mm

Standard Machine Blank Paper size Max 320*320mm (bigger size could custom) Max 400*400mm (bigger size could custom)
Paperweight/thickness 200-600 g/m², card paper,PE coated paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper
Paper Max 1.5mm Max 1.5mm
Bonding/Gluing device Water-based adhesive Water-based adhesive
Electrical requirement 5kw/h 5kw/h
Air requirement 6kg/cm²*200L/min 6kg/cm²*200L/min
Equipment size 3480*1320*1500mm 3580*1800*1600mm
Package measurements 3500*1320*1500mm (L*W*H) 3600*1800*1600mm (L*W*H)
G.W. 2000kg 2500kg


# Adopt Servo motor feed paper, more easy change mold make different size or shape. (new update)

# Compact structure, Strong frame, keep the machine reliable and durable with low noise.

# Hard Plastic-glass cover, Safe and visible for the user.

# Easy exchange molds to make different products, charging, and adjusting time is very short.

# PLC program controls the whole line, available to make complicated boxes.

# Automatic collection, stock, and count.

# Human being designed control button and panel, more easy and safe runs by the user.


The whole machine include:

# Electric control box; # Feeding device;
# Transfer System: # Water glue device ;
# Forming(welding) device; # Collection device ;
# One set of mold;

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