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Sticky note pad production line

The production included 4 machines:

1.Sticky note gluing machine

2.Hydraulic press machine

3.Paper sheet cutting machine

4.Hydraulic die cutting machine

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm
Suitable material

notice stickers, note stickers, business stickers,Post-it notes




Gluing-Pressing-Sheet Cutting-Die Cutting

Detail about Sticky note pad production line


1.VSG-640 Sticky note gluing machine


Sticky note gluing machine is For the production of various specifications of notice stickers, note stickers, business stickers, Post-it notes, N times paste, leave things to paste coating glue.

The machine is used for the coating of movable glue and isolating agent on sheet paper, and then circulating dried through the drying passage. It provides the necessary coating and gluing equipment for the production of all kinds of notice-paste products.


Technical Parameter:

Max material size  640*550mm 800*550mm
Max gluing width 640mm 800mm
Gluing speed 0-25m/min 0-25m/min
Oven temperature 50-90℃ 50-90℃
 Heating method heating pipe heating pipe
 Total Power 9.5KW 12.5KW
Weight 1500kg 1800kg
 Dimensions: (L*W*H) 13800*1320*1500mm 13800*1460*1500mm

2.VHP Hydraulic press machine


The hydraulic press machine is used in the predecessor of paper products, such as books, magazines, booklets, paper levels, compression, can also be used for pre-pressure cure after wood plywood, rubber products, etc.

The press control system consists of tanks, motors, high-pressure pumps, can relief valve, three-way solenoid valve, pressure gauge, fuel tanks, and other components.


Technical Parameter:

Pressing area 800*600mm
Max pressing height 280mm
Max pressure 30 ton
Power 3 KW, 220 V
Weight 1000 KG
Dimension 1120*700*1900mm

3.VPC Computerized Paper sheet cutting machine


Computerized Paper sheet cutting machine is the paper cutter of split of which is featured by beautiful modeling, hard structure, accuracy, and safe operation. It adopts the gear to rotate through a magnetic clutch for the cutting mechanism, and the hydraulic system to rotate for the clamp, it is a big pressure to press paper and can be adjusted. And set the device of air cushion on the worktable surface of chromium-plated, portable and save labor to carry paper. With double linear guides to move back-gauge, more stable. Its key parts adopt imported bearing of low maintenance.


Technical Parameter:

Max. Cutting Width 920mm
Max. Cutting Length 920mm
Max. Cutting Height 115mm
Max. Clamping Pressure ≥30KN
Cutting and Hydraulic Pump Motor 3kW, 1420r/min
Air Pump Motor 0.55kW, 2800r/min
Sending Paper Motor 0.55kW, 1390r/min
Weight 2000kg
Overall Dimensions 2200*1400*1700mm

4.VHD Hydraulic die cutting machine


VHD series die cutter is mainly aimed to various different shape brand, such as various wine, food and drink label shaping die cutter.

Widely applied to cut various size playing card, aluminum plastic, New year card, instant noodles, note book. Credit card, drop and handbook etc, and various special shape children reading book.


Technical Parameter:

Maximum die cut size 110*110mm 160*160mm
Minimum die cut size 10*20mm 10*20mm
Die cutting stroke 200mm 200mm
Nominal force 16KN 30KN
Speed ±12000 Sheet/minute ±12000 Sheet/minute
Motor Power 1.5KW 2.2KW
total weight 300kg 360kg
Dimension 1200*850*1400mm 1450*850*1500mm

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