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VAP Aluminum Lid Roll Die Punching Machine

It is suitable for cutting of thickness 60-120g ice-cream paper corn holder, ice-cream ild(aluminum foil), instant-noodle bowl cap, and all kinds of food packaging and paper cup lids. This equipment has the function of automatic collection.

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 3900 × 820 × 1550 cm




Cutting Precision


Max Roller Diameter



Detail about VAP Aluminum Lid Roll Die Punching Machine

VAP series automatic roll punching machine based on international advanced technology, it’s widely used in the aluminum lid, paper lid, ice cream paper corn, instant noodles paper aluminum cover, etc.. It adopts a micro-computer, human-computer control interface, servo positioning, alternating current frequency converter, photoelectric correcting deviation system, centralized oil lubrication.

Model VAP-450 VAP-550 VAP-650
Production Capacity 120-220times/min 100-150times/min 100-150times/min
Max Cutting Width 450mm 550mm 650mm
Cutting Precision ±0.20mm ±0.20mm ±0.20mm
Paper Gram Weight Paper Gsm: 60-120g/m2, Thickness: ≥0.06mm (aluminum foil, laminated paper, plain aluminum)
Air Pressure Requirement 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa
Air Pressure Consumption 0.2m³/min 0.2m³/min 0.2m³/min
Weight 3T 3.5T 4T
Max Roller Diameter 800mm 800mm 800mm
Total Power 10KW 10KW 10KW
  1. The machine is equipped with a Human-computer interface design, easy to operate, and set.
  2. The unwinding section is used shaftless unwinder and with tension adjustment
  3. Paper bending machine can make the bending paper flat so that the punching machine runs more smoothly.
  4. The finished product collection section can be collected tidily.
  5. Waste collection is with rewinding scrap, it’s easy to change roller.

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