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VBF Two layer air bubble film machine

Can make a variety of air bubble film, which has a wide range of commercial applications, including protective packing materials for furniture, automobile parts, electronics, cosmetics,etc.

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm
Suitable material


Max output

About 100kg/h


Detail about VBF Two layer air bubble film machine

Technical Parameter – Extruder:

Model VBF-1200 VBF-1500 VBF-1600
Gearbox: GB standard hard tooth reducer, one set ( low noise)
Gear material Alloy steel
The main process of the gear High-frequency quenching of the tooth surface, fine grinding of the hard tooth surface by the gear grinding machine
Gearbox lubrication method Forced oil pump loop lubrication
Extrusion motor 22KW
Screw and heating system
Screw and heating system 70-1200mm

Single screw extruder


Single screw extruder


Single screw extruder

Alloy screw diameter Ø65 mm*1  Ø70 mm*1 Ø70 mm*1
Screw Ratio L/D 32:1
Structure Shield mixing
Screw and barrel material 38CrMoAl alloy steel
Processing technology: forging, tempering, nitriding
Heating method Ceramic heating ring, stainless steel heating ring,

with stainless steel heating safety cover.

Heating zones 5 zones
Heating Power : 15KW
Electric application: (TOKY)
Intelligent digital display meter: (TOKY)
Cast extrusion mold
Mold width : 1200mm 1500mm 1600mm
Mold structure: T type
Heating zones : 6 zones
Heating method : High quality cast aluminum outer heating plate
Heating power: 18KW
Extrusion film layer : 2 Layer
Mould adjust method : Manual
Principle of the process: Special design, different shunt

Technical Parameter – Forming mold and traction configuration:

Model VBF-1200 VBF-1500 VBF-1600
Vacuum forming bubble roll: one set ( with rack forward and backward walk )
Bubble roller diameter : φ215mm
The effective product width: 1200mm 1500mm 1600mm
Forming method : Vacuum negative pressure forming
Cooling method: Water circulation cooling
Drive mode: Variable frequency motor
Driving Power : 2.2Kw
Drive speed: Frequency control
Traction device
Traction roller diameter: φ200mm
Traction roller quantity : 2 PCS
Traction roller material: Steel chromium plating
Guide roll quantity: 5 PCS
Driving method : inverter motor
Driving Power : 1.5KW
Online cutting blade : 5PCS

Technical Parameter – Rewind section:

Model VBF-1200 VBF-1500 VBF-1600
Rewind device: one set
Rewinding roller: 2 sets φ215mm
Driving method : Torque motor
Rewinding tightness: Torque adjustable
Motor Power: 1.1KW*2
Rewinding speed: 10-35M/MIN
Max Rewinding diameter: 1200mm 1500mm 1600mm
change roller method: Automatic change roller
Metering device : When the film coils reach at set length, the electric flute automatically alarm, remind the rewinding.


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