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VCP Plastic cup offest printing machine

This machine is widely used for surface printing of soy milk cups, milk tea cups, beverage cups, yogurt cups, ice cream cups, plastic bowls, instant noodle bowls, foam cups and other plastic products.

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm

10,000 pcs/h

Applicable sheet material


Main Power

3HP 380V±10V 50HZ


Detail about VCP Plastic cup offest printing machine

This machine is a letterpress printing method that uses offset printing to print color pictures, text, and trademark patterns on the surface of plastic (cone) products, and can overprint 2-8 color patterns at one time.


Model VCP 100*110
Number of color 2 – 9 colors
Printing Dia. 45 – 100 mm (full page print 95mm)
Printing height 110mm
Printing angle 0 – 12°
Printing speed 10,000 pcs/h
Total power 16.8KW
Power supply 3HP 380V±10V 50HZ
Overall Dimension 3500*2000*2000mm
Applicable sheet material PP/PE/PS/PET/PVC


  1. This machine adopts the way of entering the cup from the level, which makes the cup entering more stable. The electric iron is processed before printing, and the imprinting is clear and solid.
  2. The main motor adopts three-phase frequency conversion speed regulation, synchronous belt transmission, stepless speed regulation, stable operation and no noise.
  3. The ink supply is adjustable, and the pressure of the ink equalizing roller is easy to adjust, which is ideal for ink supply.
  4. Each ink transfer group is independent transmission mode, which can be controlled separately. It can save electricity and reduce mechanical wear. Increase the service life of the machine.
  5. The internal and external pressure of the main transfer roller can be adjusted freely, which is far better than similar foreign products
  6. The printing plate is installed in a sticky format, which can greatly save the printing plate fee and it is easy to register and match the plate.
  7. The printing roller and the plate roller are set up with cantilever type, which is simple and reliable to release and adjust the pressure.
  8. Automatic cup collection after printing, UV curing of die head station, automatic shading function, safe and reliable.
  9. The automatic counting function is more convenient to use.

Can be customized according to customer requirements.


Contact person: Nancy
Email: Nancy@viemachinery.com
WhatsApp: +8615057601439

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