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VWP Horizontal Powder Packing Machine

Suitable for flour, milk powder, spices powder, Protein Powder, coffee powder without sugar, spices, seasoning powder, etc.

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 3900 × 820 × 1550 cm
Bag Shape

Pillow Bag, Three Side Seal Bag, Four Side Seal Bag (Choose ONE)

Packing speed


Film thickness



Detail about VWP Horizontal Powder Packing Machine

This full-automatic vertical form fills seal spicy powder packing machine is suitable for many granular products, such as peanuts, beans, puffed snacks, nuts, seeds, white sugar, salt, granular fertilizers, animal feeds, seed, millet,3 in 1 coffee, and so on.

Model VWP-60F VWP-160F VWP-420F
Measuring Way Auger Filler
Measuring Range 1-100ml 10-200ml 150-1500ml
Bag Shape Pillow Bag, Three Side Seal Bag, Four Side Seal Bag (Choose ONE)
Bag Width 15-100 50-150mm 60-200mm
Bag Length 30-180 50-200mm 80-300mm
Film Thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Max Film Width 320mm
Packing Speed 40-80bags/min 20-50bags/min 5-60bags/min
Machine Net Weight 210 280kg 420
  1. Stepping motor for controlling two wheels pulling plastic reel film.
  2. Setting parameters on the touch screen.
  3. Frequency control packing speed.
  4. Sealing jaws will open when the machine stop.
  5. Forming bag, filling, measuring, sealing, printing date in one process.
  6. Linking bag function, air/N2 inflatable function, air exhaust function, each tearing notch function is workable as requested.
  7. 20L auger filler which is suitable for small volume package.


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