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VJD-M Mechanical V bottom paper bag making machine

V bottom paper bag making machine is suited for various bags, such as Takeaway Food Packaging Bag, Greaseproof Brown Kraft Paper Bags, Popcorn bags, Fast food bags.

Material: Suitable paper material: all kinds of paper, (not laminated with pp)

Without Servo motor, PLC, Touch Screen Photo-eye, auto tension, hydraulic auto loading with air shaft

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm
Max paper roll diameter


Material core diameter


Max production speed


Power weight



Detail about VJD-M Mechanical V bottom paper bag making machine

VJD-M Series Adjustable Rolling Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine, it’s in a simple design without Servo motor, PLC, Touch Screen Photo-eye, auto tension, hydraulic auto loading with air shaft. This equipment is to glue the original color or printed roll paper by the machine at one time, and fold it into micro, cut the paper tube, coat the bottom, shape the bottom of the bag, and discharge the bag. The whole machine is controlled by the computer central control system. The touch screen displays, the servo motor controls the length of the paper bag and can produce paper bags of various specifications. It is the first choice for the production and processing of the whole bag.

MODEL VJD-400-M VJD-650-M VJD-850-M
Bag weight: 40-80g/m2 40-80g/m2 40-80g/m2
Tube length: 160-450mm 220-650mm 220-850mm
Bag width: 80-250mm 80-300mm 80-350mm
Speed: 100-500bags/min 100-400bags/min 100-400bags/min
Weight: 3000kg 4200kg 5200kg
Max paper roll width: 260-800mm 260-900mm 260-1000mm
Power: 4kw 4kw 4kw
Insert size: 20-120mm 20-120mm 20-120mm
Machine size (l*w*h)mm: 4200*1500*1800 4300*1600*1900 4500*1700*1900
Model YT-800 YT-1000 YT-1100
Max material width 800mm 1000mm 1100mm
Max effective printing width 760mm 960mm 1060mm
Range of repeat printing length 2280-1000mm 2280-1000mm 2280-1000mm
Printing speed 5-100pcs/min 5-100pcs/min 5-100pcs/min
total power 16kw 16kw 19kw
weight 1500kg 1600kg 1700kg
Machine dimensions(mm) 2500*2300*2000 2500*2500 *2000m 2500*2700*2000

remarks: two colors, four colors ,  six colors

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