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VPS Paper Stick Making Machine

It is professional equipment for rubbing pure wood pulp raw paper into paper stick products. Mainly used in cotton swab manufacturers, lollipop food production units, shoe industry, and hospitals.

Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 1600 × 1750 cm
Max diameter of paper stick:






Detail about VPS Paper Stick Making Machine

This equipment can set the diameter of the paper rod, the amount of glue, and the start and stop of various actions during debugging (originally completed by manual) through the man-machine interface. It has automatic feeding, automatic winding core, automatic gluing, automatic cutting head, etc. Features. This machine has the characteristics of fast production speed, high efficiency, a high degree of automation, compact structure, simple operation, and convenient maintenance and adjustment.

Max speed: 600pcs/min(Depending on different type and the size)
Max length of paper stick: 100mm
Max diameter of paper stick: Φ1~Φ6mm
Voltage: AC380V  50/60Hz
Conveyor motor power: 4.0KW
The feeding roller motors: 0.75KW(AC servo motor)
Cutter roller motor 0.75KW(AC servo motor)
Machine size: 4350×800×1600mm(L×W×H)
Machine weight: 1500kg
Feature :

1.All operation by the human-computer interface. Parameter Setting、Process supervision、Alarm prompt..all is very clear.

2.Big conveyor belt(roll grinding belt made of Japan)driven by ordinary three-phase motor;transportation of roller and shearing of roller all adopt servo motor drive;

3.If you want to change the paper stick diameter only set up it on the touch screen can make the diameter you need,not need to change the gear set to make a different diameter;

4.This machine applies PLC、and synchro 、human-computer interface composition control system,you can real-time control and detection to the paper stick machine.

5.The machine is a compact structure, stable performance, easy maintenance, or replacement parts.

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